Our Mission Statement

With technologies and collaborations we aim to transform the education and learning landscape for the Blind, Visually Impaired and other PWD students and youths in the hope of meeting and achieving 3 of UN Social Development Goals of Equal Education and Economic Opportunities leading to 0 Poverty GOD willing !


“        No one should be left behind in this exciting times of Digital Age which is transforming every aspects of life…More so for the often marginalised and oppressed communities globally i.e the PWDs and medically discriminated children and youths. Previously Blind and Visually Impaired students have to often depend on the availabilities of Braille Books and the kindness of volunteers to read text books to them which is more often than not a barrier to their interest to achieve higher Academic qualifications that can enhance their employability opportunities. The advancing acceswsibility technology and ever increasing Internet connectivity has presented this excellent opportunity to transform the education and learning landscape for this Visually Impaired children and youths benefitting even the other PWD and medically discriminated students in our nation and hopefully globally in time! We thank Mind Tech Technologies a wholly owned subsidiary of Sasbadi Holdings and our other partners for sharing similar convictions to transform the lives of this often neglected children and youths.Without Mind Tech Technologies support Learning Includes endeavors could not have taken off so soon. We also thank our supporters for believing in our Missions and have kindly donated to this cause which hopefully will begin to transform the lives of this initial 500 students nationwide ! Through this learning platform we have also engaged 10 Visually and Physically Impaired Graduates to be this students Mobile and Virtual Learning Coaches. Once again on behalf of Learning Includes thank you for helping us to make a difference to the lives of this children and youths. GOD Bless you!   ”


About the Founder

Stevens Chan Kum Fai

In 2002, the world that Stevens Chan knew came to an end. As an active businessman, Stevens was living a regular life, just like any normal person. However, disaster struck, as he found out that he had Glaucoma, an eye disease that can cause blindness. Even after nine eye surgeries, he gradually lost all of his vision in 2007. With the loss of sight, came the loss of hope. He was forced to face with daunting challenges. Hospitals bills, loss of income and the effort to adapt himself to his new environment are some of the most difficult things a person can go through.

However, it was in the darkest period, that he discovered light. It came in the form of his faith in God, and his loving wife, that stood by him, unwavering in her love and support. He felt that God was sustaining him and knew that in Him he could put his trust.

Soon, despair turned into a sense of mission. Stevens found a new calling in his life – to stop what happened to him from happening to others. To achieve this, he founded SOSM & Malaysia Glaucoma Society, and continues to spread the word and raise awareness of the importance of yearly eye check-up. He also wants to help Glaucoma victims and support them so they’ll have the strength to continue living with sight impairment.

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